Husters Business Bundle Ebook - Certified81 Credit Solutions
Husters Business Bundle Ebook - Certified81 Credit Solutions
Husters Business Bundle Ebook - Certified81 Credit Solutions
Husters Business Bundle Ebook - Certified81 Credit Solutions

Certified81 Credit Solutions

Husters Business Bundle Ebook

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How to become a E-com queen (Shopify)

- Mindset
- Making your logo
- Getting started with Shopify
- Creating your store
- Must have Shopify apps
- Developing your product
- Pricing your products
- How to contact a vendor
(Templates Included)
- verified vendor list of all categories
- Influencer Marketing
- lethal marketing strategies
- Customer service solutions
- Shipping & handlining
- increasing sales
- how to launch your product
- different ways to make products

 Verified vendors list (Tested by us):

- Lashes
- Hair
- Nails
- Skincare
- Men's(skin)
- Men's (Accessories)
- Men's (hair)
- Men's (clothing)
- Custom Clothing
- Shoes
- Custom Shoes
- Kids/babies
- Makeup
- Jewelry
- Wallets
- Hats
- Custom Packaging
- Onesies
- Hair Care
- Electronics
- Graphics Designer
- Fuzzy Slippers
- Croc Charms
- Charms
- Furr slides
- Swimwear
- Activewear

 Properties=profits (Airbnb):

- How to Fund your Airbnb business with no money from your pocket

- How to virtually guarantee 5-star reviews from each guest

- How to control your listing and minimize parties

- How to effectively staff your Airbnb business

- Every tip and trick we've used to triple my booking inquiries in one month

- How to secure and furnish your property while maximizing your budget (major hack)

- How to scope out your competition, create a plan, and land on the first page of search

- How to perfect your listing: from photographs to thumbnails to listing descriptions

- Legalities concerning Airbnb

- How to secure your first or next listing WITHOUT owning property

- How to become a Super Host and join the top 5% of Airbnb hosts

Riding in profit (Turo):

- How to know what vehicles to buy
- How to make 6 figures with Economy cars
- Learn how to become a Turo Super host AND MUCH MORE

 Manifest your dreams:

- Goals and intentions setting worksheets
- Law of Attraction routine
- Manifesting rituals for queens
- Affirmations and gratitude activity
- Manifesting game activity
- Creating a vision board that work

 250+ tax deductions:

- Learn all the (Business expenses) you can write off on taxes for your business.

 Business funding blueprint:

- Credit mindset
- business credit (LLC)
- The importance of your credit score
- Getting organized.
- How to deal with collection agencies
- How to analyze your credit report
- How to dispute negative items on your credit report
- How to deal with student loans
- Credit monitoring apps
- Hard and soft inquiries
- How to deal with late payments
- How to build your credit score
- business Funding
- Credit tips
- Using auto loans to build credit
- Applying for credit cards
- Different lenders that provide funding
- Leveraging your credit and getting funding from banks/credit unions AND MORE

 The millionaire book of content ideas:

- Tons of content ideas for business owners. Service & product based!

How to start a 100k e-book business:

- How to set up your E-book
- Content creation
- Marketing


- Setting up your shop
- Optimization for sales
- Different things you can sell on Esty
- How to price your products
- How to set up and use Etsy ads
- Branding your Etsy store
- Taking your Etsy store from a hobby to 6 figures

Vending Machine Hustle:

- What is a vending machine
- Different vending machine business models
- How to find vending machines to buy
- Vending machine ideas
- Location ideas
- Picking what to put in your machine
- How to keep your machine fresh
- How to secure your vending machine

YouTube Blueprint:

- How to niche down on your channel
- Goals and plans for your channel
- SEO techniques
- What to buy for your setup
- Tools to use for editing
- How to grow your channel
- How to market your channel
- How to read your analytics
- YouTube shorts explained
- How to use your influence to make money

 Amazon FBA hustle:

- What is amazon FBA
- Things you need to know before you start
- Selecting a product
- How to source products for FBA
- How to list your products (step by step)
- How to create an amazing listing
- How to automate your business

TikTok marketing blueprint:

- Content creation
- Planning ahead
- Hashtags to profits
- Influencer marketing
- TikTok features to use for success
- Using TikTok analytics to scale
- TikTok ads to boost your sales
- Remembering to have fun

 Poshmark profits resellers heaven:

- Setting up your store
- Setting up your listing
- Pricing your items
- How to share your listings to make money
- Posh parties
- Discounts and bundles
- How to stay organized

Dropshipping Mastery:

- Dropshipping explained
- Pros and cons
- Products to sell
- Market research
- Finding a creditable supplier
- Supplier checklist
- Product quality importance
- Packaging
- How to deal with out-of-stock issues
- Profit margins
- Choosing a platform to sell on
- Marketing your store

 Business survival:

- 5 steps to success
- The purpose grid
- Setting 6 months goals
- Building an audience
- Popular business myths
- Using a system to scale

 Customer loyalty:

- Understanding your audience
- Importance of great customer service
- Personalizing your customer's experience
- Building a strong brand
- How to start a loyalty program
- Customer solutions

 Living your best life:

- Knowing what you want
- Creating a plan
- Learn how to let go
- Tracking your progress
- Never giving up and being persistent

Think outside the box (Legitimizing your business):

- Characteristics of business owners
- Planning your business goals
- Registering your business
- 10 steps to opening your business

Trucking Dispatch:

- Making your business official
- What you need to start
- Dispatch dictionary
- Finding loads
- Brokers and what you need to know
- Partial truck loads explained
- Dedicated lanes and direct shippers
- Broker credit checks
- Distribution process
- Paperwork process
- How to find carriers to dispatch for

 360 Photo booth rentals:

- What to buy to start
- How to find machines
- How to price your bookings
- Pricing breakdown
- Branding your business
- Finding customers
- Automating your business
- Getting found on google
- Networking and building relationships